Mac Stuck At Gray Screen On Startup

Are you facing startup problem in your Mac system? Is your Mac system gets stuck at gray screen with an Apple logo, a wheel spinning or some other icon?

Freezing and crashing in Mac operating system are mercifully very rare, but yet they occur and sometime leaves user with serious loss of data. If you don’t know how to fix the issue and looking for an effective solution then here is end of your search, just follow the below content and you will get the most appropriate solution to get over the issue easily.

8One of the essential method how user can assure the good performance of a Mac system is boot the system. The Mac system when boots and starts for users to accomplish their important tasks then suddenly it happens that the Finder or login window states to users that startup process is not done successfully. It is just after this situation occurs the system is observed to behave unexpectedly. Due to this reason users decide to do ‘Erase and Install’ process so that to fix this problem. But, in such circumstances if there is no valid backup available to users then it will unfortunately lead users to valuable data loss. In that case a proper Mac data recovery application is required to bring back the lost data on Mac hard drive.

What is Mac Gray Screen startup issue?

The Mac startup issues can be in many forms but the gray screen is most troublesome. The problem of gray screen on Mac system can appear right after the start or restart of system. This gray screen problem on Mac can be categorized by the system display changing from blue screen which is due to power up to gray screen. There can be found lots of things on this gray screen including Apple logo. In all the cases user can find the Mac system stuck at just one point. There cannot be heard any unusual sound of disk access, spinning of optical drive, no noises of fan moving. The Mac is just stuck st same position and does not continue to the desktop or login screen.

There are number of occasions when user starts the Mac OS X then instead of booting properly the Mac system is observed to have several conditions as below:

  • Apple logo.
  • Spinning globe.
  • Rounding gear.
  • A folder with question mark flashes.
  • A big gray screen.

The situation is really very frustrating and annoying for users and user don’t understand what to do to get rid of this situation and how to get access to the saved data in system.

Some of the factors that reasons into this Mac system gray screen:

  • Structure of startup volume.
  • Problem in system files.
  • Permissions to startup volume.
  • Network cables or peripheral devices.

Other then that there are several more reasons for this the gray screen in Mac operating system. Fortunately, it is not impossible to resolve this problem.

In order to troubleshoot the Mac gray screen problem user can simply try the below procedures:


  • All the peripherals attached to the machine needs to be disconnected.
  • The Ethernet cables if attached also needs to be detached from system.
  • Try to boot the machine in safe mode.
  • Reset the PRAM/NVRAM.
  • Check out that all power sources and cables are in working conditions.
  • Use Disk utility to repair Mac volume and then the volume permissions.
  • Remove if any third party hardware or RAM is being used.
  • Reinstall Mac operating system again with the help of ‘Archive and Install’ method.

However, if due to any reason the data loss occurs while fixing this Mac gray screen issue then the recovery of data can be easily performed using either available backup or with the help of very skilled Mac data recovery software.

Data recovery from backup

The backup files are very important for any Mac user as it prevent users from important data loss on the Mac OS X. Therefore, it is always advised to users to keep updated backup of complete data on system and easily restore them whenever required. But, when the time is really bad nothing works. Sometime it happens that the user either forgets to create backup or even the backup becomes unresponsive to users while trying to recover data back. In that case the Mac data recovery software is excellent solution for users.

Mac data recovery software to restore lost data

The Mac data recovery application is a fantastically designed tool to bring back all lost or removed data on machine without any hassle. It is very safe to use this software and the application has been created with a high-end algorithms to quickly locate and retrieve the missing data on Mac hard drives. User can also check out the working of this tool by downloading it freely from its site. The program is very easy to use for any user either individual or professional with its easy user guidelines. Some important features of Mac data recovery software:

    • Quickly undelete all pictures, videos, documents and other data from Mac hard drive.
    • Supports recovery from all HFS, NTFS, HFSX, HFS+, HFS Wrapper.
    • The software supports all versions of Mac systems.
    • The tool is provided with an easy graphical user interface.
    • User can also preview the data to be recovered before full recovery.


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