How to Troubleshoot a Kernel Panic in Mac

fix-Kernel-PanicMac is one of the most advance computer systems available but it may crash on certain occasions. Sometimes only one application crashes but there can be a system wide crash that breaks the whole operation of Mac. You will not see any earlier warning before crashing just a message is displayed “you need to restart the computer”. Then you won’t be able to continue without restarting. If the kernel panic occurs regularly then the data in the system can get corrupted and you can not operate the Mac properly. The kernel is the layer between operating system and the hardware. Whenever the Mac OS X finds an internal error that is beyond recover it depict it as kernel panic.

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What causes Kernel Panic

  • Any defect or incompatibility of the RAM device can cause kernel panic.
  • Presence of incompatible, corrupted and obsolete drivers or kernel extensions.
  • Any hard disk corruption related to bad sectors, directory corruption etc.
  • Wrong permission settings for system related folders and files.
  • Unavailability of sufficient RAM or hard disk space.
  • If the software or hardware is not installed properly.

In order to fix kernel panic you have restart the system in the safe mode by pressing Command+S button while booting. Then uninstall the third party kernel extension which is incompatible. You should uninstall the application that is giving you regular kernel panic situation. You can also try to change or upgrade your RAM device. If the kernel panic is caused by hardware issues then you have to uninstall it. Check the permission settings and also the cache related problem. The last option remains is reinstalling the Mac OS X. This will certainly troubleshoot the kernel panic but all the data stored in the system will be lost.

You don’t have to panic as the data can be recovered. You can use either your personal back up or the inbuilt back up utility which is Time Machine back up which saves the back up at regular interval. But you not able to use any back up then you try Mac data recovery software. It will recover all the deleted data in whatever format they are saved. You can operate the software even if you are a novice. Just download the software and retrieve the lost data due to kernel panic.

User Guide for Restoring Data With Mac Data Recovery Software

Step 1 : Install the software and run it.

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Step 2 : Select the Mac volumes for scanning.

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Step 3 : Select the type of files you want to recover.

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Step 4 : Select the scanning mode and start scan.


Step 5 : When the scan is complete select the location where data will be saved.

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